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Fireplace Design





Who do I work for:


I work for fireplace builders, architects, interior designers and private individuals.


If you book my services as a private person, architect or interior designer, it is important:

  • That you already know exactly what heating technology is required and whether the chimney is suitably designed.
  • Or that I can work closely together with your fireplace builder.
Design Services:




Pure creativity!


Absolut focus on the design you want without distractions. You provide me with all the necessary documents and based on this information I create the design that suits you best. The project will have different phases, from ideas in sketch form to professionally created 3D visualisations, technical drawings and material lists for the ceramics needed.




This service is particularly suitable if you, as a fireplace builder, sales representative or architect, would like to surprise your customers with a very special service and if you would like to be able to fix the design already at the first appointment. 


During the consultation, I join in at the appropriate time in a video call and learn everything about the desired design at first hand.  And while you discuss further details with your customers, a first draft is already being created.

This way, your customers can immediately see whether the desired design really pleases them and fits in the atmosphere of the room.  We can immediately change anything that is not to their liking!


Not only will this amaze your customers, it will also save you from having to make further appointments, which often only involve minor details.  We can change on the spot what we have designed together until your customers are satisfied.


Of course, you can also book this service as a private person. Maybe you already have some fireplace design ideas, but are missing that "certain something"! Then I would be happy to create a design for you that will make your heart beat faster.


Every single design service is customised for your needs. Therefore, I would like to ask you to contact me with all your questions so that we can find out together, during a no-obligation consultation, how I can best support you.






This is the most exclusive way of our cooperation.  If you wish, I will travel to your place and work on site.


The exact procedure will always be individual, because every project has its own dynamics, but in principle it is like this: for the duration of the project, I work on site, bring everything I need for my work, and so we can work intensively on your project for the whole day.  And if you would like to book me for several days to work together, that is also possible. In this case, I take lodgings at the site and stay as long as the project requires!


Our collaboration takes place on a very personal level, which allows me to respond even more intensively to your wishes and get the best possible understanding of your place.  And as a plus, the project moves quickly because everyone involved is on site and you don't lose any valuable time.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with all your questions


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