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Each project will have it's individuall needs, but as a starting point I offer the following service options:


Option 1:

I will create the entire design concept:


  • Multible design ideas based on your information and specifications.
  • All technical drawings for your project with height information, sections, etc. - everything that will make your work easier on the construction site.
  • 3d visuals: CAD, Aquarell, Highend photo-realistic rendering.
  • Personalized video presentation of your project.
  • Parts lists for the tiles.
  • I use Palette Cad.


Option 2:

The project is already done in 2D:


And would like to commission me to create the 3d model and 3d visuals - and/or a tailor-made project presentation.

Then simply send me all the relevant documents and based on your specifications I will create stunning 3d visuals and project presentations.



Option 3:

You work with a CAD program yourself,

the project already exists as a 3D model but you would like commission the following work:


  • Create 3D visuals of your project.
  • Firplace & Interior Design: Creating the 3d models of the room and the furniture surrounding the fireplace sometimes takes as much if not more time than the actual fireplace. It often makes sense to outsource this part of the project.
  • The creation of a professional and customized video presentation of your project.
  • For all the services mentioned above, simply send me your 3D data.


The quality of my work, how long it will take and ultimately the costs depend on how good and professional the information is you provide.


The more details, the better!


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